In Georgia, Science Picnic was first held on September, 2012 with its main organizer and initiator being Ilia State University. Tbilisi City Hall, the Embassy of Poland in Georgia and The German Society for International Cooperation in Georgia made a significant contribution to the success of the event. Iliauni Science Picnic is identical to its successful Polish counterpart, which has been held in Warsaw for the 20th time this year with the organizers being Copernicus Science Centre and Polish Radio.

In 43 tents placed in Vake Park, the groups of scientists presented interesting experiments and shows in the fields of biology, physics, astronomy, chemistry, archeology, architecture, etc. Especially interesting experiments were performed on stage with the visitors being allowed to take part in the experiments and familiarize themselves with scientific achievements. Raffles were also held at the picnic for children with the winners being granted different presents. Along with the professors and students at Iliauni, representatives of different local and international organizations, including those of different public and private schools, young inventors of Leonardo Da Vinci project, EcoClub, Ecovision, Tbilisi Zoo, Embassies of different countries, etc. were also involved in the project. At the event, the representatives of Copernicus Science Center and Tartu Science Center enjoyed particularly great interest from the visitors. The first Science Picnic counted 7,000 visitors.

In 2013, 50 science groups, which presented the society with interesting experiments and exhibitions, were chosen on the basis of a preliminary contest. In 2013, the event became part of European Science Events Association (Eusea). The Association comprises around 90 members and aims to form the creative platform to promote science and technology.  In 2013, the president of Eusea and visitors from European Science Museum and Festival, including Copernicus Science Centre, Polish Institute of Organic Chemistry, The Serbian Science Festival and The Yerevan Science Festival visited the event. In 2013, the significant achievement of the Second Science Picnic was the Automaton Game, which is annually organized by Ilia State University.

More than 60 Georgian and foreign scientific groups were present at the event, with an increased number of participants having resulted in the increased number of visitors (around 15, 000 visitors. A special invitation was extended to the world-renown animator, who moderated each activity and ensured active involvement of the visitors in the scientific events was invited specifically for this event.

In 2015, the tendency of the growing number of participants as well as visitors attending the event was also maintained, with the number of visitors exceeding 20, 000. This year, innovative inventors’ exhibition was held in Georgia for the first time. The event draw the interest of visitors as well as potential business partners.

In 2016, with its renewed programme, the Science Picnic was conducted within the Science and Innovation Festival on September 24, in Vake Park. Science groups from Israel, Litva and Poland were involved in the event. This year was marked by the exceptionally increasing number of event visitors.

Within Tbilisi Science and Innovations Festival, Iliauni Science Picnic 2017 was held on 30 September, 2017 in Vake Park. Especially for the event on stage was performed the show,,Alchemistry of flowers” . Also on stage, you could see the Science Show form science The scientific museum,,Experimentorium”. Specifically interesting was the area of Tbilisi Zoo.  On Science Cafe area you could hear interesting seminars about famous science achievements. Startup Market also was the innovation on Science picnic program.

On 29th of  September 2018, the Science Picnic will be held in Vake Park.  With this event, we would love to be involved and be part of a 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Each goal has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years. For the goals to be reached, everyone needs to do their part: governments, the private sector, civil society and people like you.

We are waiting for you On September 29th  in Vake Park.!!!